In ONLY 6 SECONDS you can change your mindset.

In 6 MINUTES you can change your movement.

In 6 DAYS you can change your routine,

In 6 WEEKS you can change your habits.

Then your LIFESTYLE will change!

All you have to do is start!

6 x 4 Challenge

The NEW 6 x 4 Program

6 days a week for 4 weeks you'll be able to shift that excess weight, build a solid foundation and progress forward towards a BETTER lifestyle.

"Not only have I lost 6lbs already, I can see my body changing shape, I've never felt this good. This challenge has really opened my eyes to how unhealthy I was and now it's changing my life for the better."

Elaina, 31
Week 3

"It's really motivated me to be responsible for my own training. It's been all about consistency, which I've never had before. The 6-week challenge is very easy to follow and love how you both keep it real. So thanks for not just being my PT but life coach."

Kiri, 32
Week 3 / 6

"Absolutely loving the challenge. Only half way through and already seeing a change in my mentality, health & body. It's definitely been the best decision I've made since being in lockdown. I love the fact that Ethan & Sophie check in each week to keep me accountable and on track. "

Sophia, 32
Week 3

"At the start of the program I lacked structure, I felt quite low in my moods as I had been shielding and was stuck in the house. But during my journey on this challenge it has provided me with structure, it has made me feel a part of a supportive community and it has really helped me both physically and mentally, which I really needed. The six weeks have flew by and I feel proud of myself that every week I completed all challenges and didn’t give up. I feel stronger both physically and mentally and I cannot thank Ethan and Sophie enough for creating this challenge."

Kelly, 23
Week 6

"I am sure every online client will say the same, you bring out the better in people,checking in to see how I am doing with weekly check in forms, asking if there is anything else I needed help with, informing me more on how to channel my negative thoughts and listening to your words gives me a boost of positivity and stops me from moping, making better food choices has always been a task for me, but I now actually want to eat better!"

Rebecca, 31
Week 6

What is the 6 x 4 Challenge?

The perfect way to START your health and fitness journey toward a BETTER you!

6 days in a week for 4 weeks, with a rest day. It's a way of challenging the body, the ONLY way you'll make a change.

This challenge has been built around the membership which is our online platform aimed to help you reach your goals anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Change your routine, change your habits and ultimately change your lifestyle all for the better. This membership consists of;

🔸The ideal package if you're SERIOUS about change

🔸An investment in YOUR health & wellbeing

🔸Weekly LIVE workouts to join in on with a Q&A afterwards

🔸Personal to YOU and YOUR Goals

🔸Guaranteed success if you do as instructed and work your ass off

🔸The accountability YOU need to push you, motivate you and keep you on track



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The Challenge Itself Contains;

🔸Brand New Challenges Each Week, Broken Down into What To Do Each Day

🔸Progressive Program to Ensure You Are Progressively Overloading the Body to Get BETTER

🔸ES Nutritional Manual with Our Favourite Recipes, Tips & Tricks

🔸Mindset Series To Help Work with Your Mental Health

🔸Access to the ES Family Group, the Online Community Support System to do it with Everyone Else.

🔸Constant New Content Uploaded to Keep it Fresh and Varied.

🔸 LIVE workouts with us every week, bringing that energy and fun element to your journey!


🔸 Access to the 6-Week Bodyweight Program for FREE (RRP £60)

🔸 Access to the 6-Week Kettlebell Program for FREE (RRP £60)

🔸 Access to the 6-Week Dumbbell Program for FREE (RRP £60)

 SAVING £180!

It's a challenge that we have spent a long time figuring out, testing and proving that it CAN & WILL help people succeed in their goal towards a HEALTHIER & HAPPIER life.

Will you be joining us and succeeding with us?

What are you waiting for?

I'm SO Ready